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Sonic Seducer, DE

My first single „Mensch und Endlichkeit“ is featured on the CD „Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 255“ that comes with German Gothic / Industrial / EBM / Dark Wave / Metal Magazine SONIC SEDUCER issue no. 02/24. The issue also contains a short review of my second single „Ewigkeit der Sterne“.

Rezensionen zum Vorgängerprojekt

„Obsidian Moon“

Dunkle Welle Radio, DE

Oberes Bild anklicken, um zum Podcast der Sendung zu gelangen. Die Vorstellung sowie der Song Mensch und Endlichkeit sind ab Timestamp 1:23:08 zu hören.

Voices via Groover & SubmitHub about Mensch und Endlichkeit (Single)

For me, your music is at the level of the best rock and metal music and can easily compete with the top music.

– Talkish Rock-ish, NE

The band has a lot of technique, but transmits emotion, without virtuous exaggerations. The vocalist has a unique voice that makes the difference.

– Rádio Cult FM, BR

Very good song, performance and production.

– Given To Rock, London, UK

Die Gitarren und Drums bringen die Wände buchstäblich zum wackeln.

– Berlin On Air, DE

Wow, this was excellent. It did remind me of 90s Die Toten Hosen. The vocals in particular were a really pleasant surprise. The orchestration and production are also very good.

– Alt77 Blog, SE

Loved the lyrics on this tune, really well written…

– LEROCQUE Favourites, CH

Exciting, high energy. High quality, great vocals, great lyrics, the recording and production are excellent, everything is almost perfect.

– Rádio Alternativa Rock, BR

Mensch und Endlichkeit has great production, good melodies and great arrangements. The serious, lilting, German-speaking vocals instantly remind me of Rammstein, despite the fact that the band has a different style. I really like the variation and evolution of rythm and dynamics.

– Podrock, BR

Mensch und Endlichkeit is such an interesting track, we really like the grand vocal harmonies and its rawness at other times.

– Wikimetal, BR

Powerful sound! Very energetic and controlled rhythms! The overall vibe feels so edgy!

– Black Raven, UK

Ich finde Eure progressive Ausrichtung wirklich interessant. Eure deutschen Lyrics stehen Euch gut zu Gesicht. Neben dem progressiven Sound lebt ihr von einem Alternative-Anstrich und geht bis vor in einen Deutsch-Rock mit sehr hohem Niveau. Arbeitet weiter an eurer Eigenständigkeit, bleibt so authentisch und habt weiter Spaß an der Musik. Mich konntet ihr überzeugen!

– René (Time for Metal). DE

I really liked the instrumental part, especially some guitar riffs are brutal, and the distortion has very good equalization.

– Global-Pop Magazine, VE

I enjoyed listening, there’s a pretty compelling crunch in the riffs and your singing sounds quite intense. The drive and stoic feel of the drums is compelling too.

– Alpas Records, BE

The song stands out for its heavy and familiar concept, incorporating gothic, commercial, and industrial metal influences in its origins.

– Metalhead Community Magazine, CH

Great beats on this track. Beautiful singing and impressive performance.

– Independent Spirits, USA

Voices via Groover & SubmitHub about Ewigkeit der Sterne (Single)

High quality, great vocals, great lyrics, the recording and production are excellent as always, everything is perfect.

– Radio Alternativa Rock, BR

Heavy sound mixed with a beautiful keyboard arrangement that contrasts well. The singer’s vocal variations stand out in the song.

– Radio Cult FM, BR

The technique used in „Ewigkeit der Sterne“ is notable. The melody is intricately crafted, capturing the essence of good Metal Rock with eclectic tones. This genre, known for its powerful instrumentation and diverse influences, is well-represented in the track. The melody creates an immersive atmosphere, directing the listener’s attention towards the core elements of Metal Rock with eclectic influences – intensity, complexity, and a blend of diverse musical elements.

– Prog Rock Scenes, BR

We really liked this mix of elements in his song, it really created an epic and impactful work.

– Roadie Metal, BR

you achieve a super exciting sound, the play of atmospheres that you achieve is truly inspiring because it hooks you with its great feeling

– End Sessions, MX

Voices via Groover about Leid der Liebe (Single)

Tom Spell continues to consolidate his place in the progressive rock scene with each release, and «Leid der Liebe» is not an exception. This solo song reflects Spell’s ability to fuse classical and modern elements in his music, which also demonstrates his ability to deeply connect with his listeners through universal themes of love and loss. In a world where music often leans towards commercialism, Tom Spell remains faithful to his art, offering pieces that are entertaining on the ground, but that also provoke reflection and emotional resonance.

– Pal‘ Toque, VE

From the opening notes it has an amazing captivating vibe! Leid der Liebe has an arrangement that keeps you wanting for more and the instruments are just a perfect example of a well done song! Love the way the whole mix sounds and how the singing feels so energetic yet so calm!

– Indiefferential Magazine, US

‚Leid der Liebe‘ features the stirring vocals of Tom Spell as they flow alongside a beautiful and captivating melody which serves as a poignant reminder of the devastating power of love.

– Music Crowns, UK

Tom Spell’s „Leid der Liebe“ is a moving ballad that explores the trials and tribulations of love in a deeply captivating way. The engaging musicality and emotional poetry of this track reveal the artist’s mastery of translating complex feelings into a unique sound experience. I’m excited to share this gem with my site’s readers, warmly thanking the talented Tom Spell for the opportunity to delve into his artistic expression

–, BR

With a heavy and very melodic sound, the song sticks in your head thanks to the singer’s beautiful voice. The soft parts are the icing on the cake.

– Radio Cult FM, BR

This is another great track, more melodic than others but that does not take away from the power this track has. The soft music that erupts into life as the song picks up momentum and intensity. The vocals are strong and powerful and do not struggle with the emotion of the song at all, and singing entirely in german also adds to the atmosphere of the track. A brilliant song that we will add to our website, social media and spotify 🙂 Well done

– The Metal Asylum, UK

It’s fantastic to feel the intensity of emotions in „Leid der Liebe“, whether due to its sensational production and arrangements or the wonderful and unexaggerated vocal interpretation.

– OverRocks Website & Radio, BR

This musical masterpiece is an intoxicating journey that engages the senses, a symphony of intensity that echoes through the robust heart of rock. Their powerful voices, like thunder, unleash an emotional storm, while the simple and theatrical breakdown reveals artistic mastery. Each chord is a promise fulfilled, each note an invitation to explore an intriguing and captivating atmosphere.

– OSubSolo, BR

Superb composition as metal bands have the secret. Singing in German is daring when you’re aiming internationally. Despite the language barrier, we take real pleasure in discovering this beautiful ballad with metallic accents. Well done.

– Music In Belgium, BE

Awesome tune, loved the epic guitars and piano, top notch production and I liked the solid vocal delivery on this one!

– Ze Rock Porto, PT

Eine sehr ehrliche und natürliche Stimme, die den Song prägt.

– Berlin on Air, DE

A breathless melancholic song, ranging from vulnerable moments to intense accelerations characterized by progressive rock full of powerful and evocative melodies, supported by a complex orchestration with cello, piano, violins and horns.

– Extra! Music Magazine, IT

I can feel that you’ve put all your energy into your music, instrus, production, lyrics and voice.

– Tangerine, FR

A number that combines elements of heavy metal with progressive rock, in a grandiose sound. Lots of instrumental technique in the recording, and a great vocal performance, expressive and intense.

– Heatwave!, BR

„Leid der Liebe“ is a symphonic heavy metal track that immediately captivates with its robust sonic landscape, setting an intense and atmospheric tone right from the beginning. The introduction of the song is particularly noteworthy for its ability to create a vivid soundscape that’s both immersive and direct, efficiently setting the stage for what’s to come. The technique employed throughout the track is fascinating, showcasing a well-crafted melody that not only exemplifies the core essence of symphonic heavy metal but also directs listeners‘ attention towards the intended emotional and musical journey. The vocal performance in „Leid der Liebe“ is intense and well-synchronized, aligning perfectly with the instrumental backdrop to create a cohesive and impactful experience. The song’s strengths lie in its excellent melody construction, the weight of its composition, rhythmic precision, and the overall soundstage it creates, which together form a compelling musical narrative.

– Prog Rock Scenes, BR

„The warm intensity of your lyrics and the seamless blend of instruments make for an unforgettable rock experience. Exceptional work!

– Rock Al Palo, US

„The voice is so incredible and with a lot of feeling.

– Cronica Metal, MX

Metal Junkbox, PT

All Metal Everything, USA

EPK Tom Spell

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Press release – Tom Spell (general)

One-Man-Rockband Tom Spell – Melancholy meets Power 

German Progressive Rock | metallic.melancholic.symphonic

Brute guitars, driving bass and energetic drums meet warm strings, thundering horns and thrilling choirs. When versatile musician Tom Spell from Düsseldorf, Germany transcends the boundaries of traditional rock and metal by combining the sound of these genres with orchestral instruments and atmospheric soundscapes, he brings together musical worlds that are so different at first glance and yet fit together perfectly, simply because they share the same limitless inherent passion. Thus he creates the ideal stage for his melancholic lyrics and the unique, sometimes pleasantly calm, sometimes passionately powerful singing. The skillful combination of these elements generates his individualistic progressive rock, which is characterized by depth, complexity and versatility. Melancholy meets power! The whole life rages in a song. Opposites such as anger and love, sadness and energy, longing and fulfillment are musically united. With the claim to make music that moves because it is inspired by moving moments, Tom Spell takes the listener on a musical journey into his mesmerizing world between fantasy and reality. Anyone who gets involved will be rewarded with thoughtful lyrics and emotionally charged music about strength and weakness, dreams and longing, night and nature, desire and loss.

Check out the music video „Mensch und Endlichkeit“:

Press release – First single „Mensch und Endlichkeit“

One-Man-Rockband Tom Spell releases first single & video „Mensch und Endlichkeit“

On June 15th, 2023, Tom Spell, One-Man-Rockband from Düsseldorf, Germany released his first single & video „Mensch und Endlichkeit“ (meaning Man and Finity) via the label Tom Spell Music. The track combines high energy drums, powerful guitars, atmospheric soundscapes and melodic orchestrations. But it’s the unique vocals and the thoughtful lyrics that make the difference. The energetic and multifaceted progressive rock song deals with the transience of man and his unsparing certainty about it. It confronts the listener with the question of whether the finitude of human life should ultimately be understood as mercy or suffering. Both lyrically and musically, the song delves into the grueling whirlpool of conflicting emotions that comes with grappling with the issue of life and death. At the end there is the realization that a permanent preoccupation with this probably unsolvable riddle must simply lead to despair, since the question cannot be answered. With orchestral bombast, Tom Spell turns away from the question and the associated fixation on future and past in the final chorus and finds true glory there, where it awaits us all – in the here and now, the actual moment.

Check out the music video!

Press release – Second single „Ewigkeit der Sterne“

One-Man-Rockband Tom Spell releases second single & lyric video „Ewigkeit der Sterne“

„Ewigkeit der Sterne“ (meaning Eternity of the Stars) is the second single released by German Progressive One-Man-Rockband Tom Spell on December, 15th 2023 via the common streaming platforms and online shops.

The song is a counterpart to the first single „Mensch und Endlichkeit“ which was about the transience of life and our unsparing certainty about it. „Ewigkeit der Sterne“ now turns away from our earthbound mortality and seeks dreamlike immortality in the infinite beauty of the cosmic gallery.

The progressive rock song stronger emphasizes metal elements featuring lots of double-bass drumming, sawing guitars and atmospheric soundscapes made of choirs, synths, trumpets and strings. The dynamic vocals range from emotional to powerful. They express pure amazement evoked by memories and fanatsies of overwhelming moments of one standing before a sea of stars, gazing into the nightsky in disbelief. How can something be so mighty and beautiful? This amazement comes with the feeling that we all are part of something greater without knowing it.

Check out the lyric video!

Press release – Third single „Leid der Liebe“

One-Man-Rockband Tom Spell releases third single & lyric video „Leid der Liebe“

„Leid der Liebe“ (meaning Suffering of Love) is the third single released by German Progressive One-Man-Rockband Tom Spell on February, 15th 2024 via the common streaming platforms and online shops. 

The song is about the transience of love and all the suffering that comes with it. It’s an enthralling soundtrack to love‘s devastating power, a musical painting of the smoldering ruins and darkness that it leaves behind. When everything around you, no matter how beautiful, is bound to change and fade, there is only one thing left – the unconditional love for yourself. 

This melancholic rock ballad fearures emotional vocals that range from vulnerable to furious, intense musical moments with powerful, beautifully sad melodies as well as rich orchestration with cello, piano, violins and horns. Dive deep into the suffering of love and find out that in the end there is still a light that will shine on in the darkness.

Check out the lyric video!

Pressetext – Tom Spell (allgemein)

One-Man Rockband Tom Spell – Melancholie trifft Power

German Progressive-Rock | metallisch.melancholisch.symphonisch

Brachiale Gitarren, treibender Bass und energiegeladene Drums treffen auf warme Streicher, donnernde Hörner und mitreißende Chöre. Wenn der vielseitige Düsseldorfer Musiker Tom Spell die Grenzen von traditionellem Rock und Metal überschreitet, indem er den Sound dieser Genres auf Orchester-Instrumente und atmosphärische Soundscapes treffen lässt, begegnen sich musikalische Welten, die auf den ersten Blick so unterschiedlich sind und doch perfekt zueinander passen, schlicht weil ihnen dieselbe schrankenlose Leidenschaft innewohnt. Damit schafft er die ideale Bühne für seine melancholischen Lyrics und den einzigartigen, mal angenehm ruhigen, mal leidenschaftlich kraftvollen Gesang. Durch die gekonnte Verbindung dieser Elemente entsteht sein individualistischer Progressive Rock, der sich durch Tiefe, Komplexität und Vielseitigkeit auszeichnet. In einem Song tobt das ganze Leben. Gegensätze wie Wut und Liebe, Trauer und Energie, Sehnsucht und Erfüllung werden musikalisch vereint. Mit dem Anspruch, Musik zu machen, die bewegt, weil sie von bewegenden Momenten inspiriert ist, nimmt Tom Spell den Hörer mit auf eine musikalische Reise in seine faszinierende Welt zwischen Fantasie und Wirklichkeit. Wer sich hierauf einlässt, wird belohnt mit nachdenklichen Texten und emotionsgeladener Musik über Stärke und Schwäche, Träume und Sehnsucht, Nacht und Natur, Verlangen und Verlust. 

Musikvideo „Mensch und Endlichkeit“:

Pressetext – Erste Single „Mensch und Endlichkeit“

One-Man Rockband Tom Spell veröffentlicht erste Single & Video „Mensch und Endlichkeit“

Am 15.06.2023 veröffentlichte der Düsseldorfer Musiker Tom Spell über das Label Tom Spell Music seine erste Single & Video „Mensch und Endlichkeit“. Der Track kombiniert high-energy Drums, kraftvolle Gitarren, atmosphärische Soundscapes und melodische Orchestrationen. Der energische und facettenreiche Progressive-Rock-Song behandelt die Vergänglichkeit des Menschen und dessen schonungslose Gewissheit hierüber. Er konfrontiert den Hörer mit der Frage, ob die Endlichkeit menschlichen Lebens letztlich als Gnade oder Leid zu begreifen ist. Sowohl lyrisch als auch musikalisch begibt sich der Song in den aufreibenden Strudel gegensätzlicher Gefühle, die eine Auseinandersetzungen mit dem Thema Leben und Tod mit sich bringt. Am Ende steht die Erkenntnis, dass eine dauerhafte Beschäftigung mit diesem wohl unlösbaren Rätsel schlicht zur Verzweiflung führen muss, da die Frage nicht beantwortet werden kann. Mit orchestralem Bombast wendet sich Tom Spell daher im finalen Refrain von der Fragestellung und der damit einhergehenden Fixierung auf Zukunft und Vergangenheit ab und findet die wahre Herrlichkeit dort, wo sie auf uns alle wartet – im Hier und Jetzt, dem tatsächlichen Augenblick.

Check out the music video!

Pressetext – Zweite Single „Ewigkeit der Sterne“

One-Man Rockband Tom Spell veröffentlicht zweite Single & Lyric Video „Ewigkeit der Sterne“

„Ewigkeit der Sterne“ ist die zweite Single der Düsseldorfer One-Man-Rockband Tom Spell, die am 15.12.2023 über die gängigen Streaming-Plattformen und Online Shops veröffentlicht wird.

Der Song ist ein Gegenstück zur ersten Single „Mensch und Endlichkeit“, in der es um die Endlichkeit des menschlichen Lebens und unsere schonungslose Gewissheit hierüber geht. „Ewigkeit der Sterne“ wendet sich nun von der irdischen Sterblichkeit ab und sucht traumhafte Unsterblichkeit in der unendlichen Schönheit der kosmischen Galerie.


Der Progressive-Rock-Song betont stärker Metal-Elemente durch viel Double-Bass-Drumming, sägende Gitarren und atmosphärische Klanglandschaften aus Chören, Synthesizer, Trompeten und Streichern. Der dynamische Gesang bewegt sich zwischen emotional und kraftvoll. Er drückt pures Staunen aus, hervorgerufen durch Erinnerungen und Fantasien an überwältigende Momente, in denen jemand vor einem Sternenmeer steht und ungläubig in den Nachthimmel blickt. Wie kann etwas so mächtig und schön sein? Dieses Staunen geht mit dem Gefühl einher, dass wir alle Teil von etwas Größerem sind, ohne es zu wissen.

Schau Dir das Lyric Video an!






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